The Student Association

Originally founded in 1998 as FUSKiS, Campus Skellefteå Student Association is an advocate for a richer, more enjoyable student life. A non-profit organisation, the Association is involved in everything from policy issues to the purchase of literature, as well as partnerships with student organisations in Umeå and Luleå. A student pub, music studio and sports activities are given as are study environments, lunch menus and lots of other topics regarding student satisfaction

Campus Skellefteå Student Association has a finger in many pies. Sports, music, socialising and games are a few of the clubs.

The Sports Club has many members, its own instructors and a broad selection. All kinds of indoor sports can be practiced in the full-size A Hall, B Hall and Campushallen’s excellent gym.

Music bands can rehearse in the newly built student building STOCK, and have the chance to perform live at the student pub.

The Party Committee runs the student pub Traversen in pleasant new premises. Students from the different programmes hang out here where the selection in the bar is generous and activities are often many. Disco nights, pub, snooker, karaoke and more. Open three evenings a week: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

FUSK is the game club that meets on Thursdays to play parlour games and conflict games. The social aspects are also front and centre during the initiation period, which starts mid-August and involves several days of games and practical jokes for new students. The purpose is to show that Campus Skellefteå is open to all students. This introduction forms a bond and a first glimpse at how everything works.

Directions to the
Student Association

Campus Skellefteå
Assistentgatan 23
931 77 Skellefteå

Tel: 0910-71 26 86

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