House of opportunities

STOCK is the official name of Campus ground’s new, somewhat novel student building. Among other features, this is the first time Big Frame, the Japanese earthquake-proof engineering technique, has been tested anywhere other than in Japan. Behind this accomplishment is a R&D project driven by Campus performer in cooperation with Japan's largest corporation. The 310 sq metres were inaugurated on 11 December 2009 and offer everything from unique design to kitchen, conference facilities, and rooms for entertainment. There's even a music studio and relax area. Students, enterprises on the grounds, and external customers may book the facilities.

STOCK is the undisputed headquarters for Campus Student Association and a natural base for students. Built according to Japanese designs with countless architectonic WOW features, the building was inaugurated on 11 December 2009. It houses a music studio, a relax area and rooms for parties, work meetings and temporary overnight accommodations. Everything and everyone in one place.

The Student Association